Behavioral Modification for Dog Aggression

Behavioral consultations, evaluations and private training for dog aggression (Fear, Dog, or People Aggression)

Aggression is not a normal behavior for dogs in a stable pack. If your dog is showing aggression, whether towards people or dogs, we can help. Size doesn’t matter. 2 lb to 200 lb. They are the same behavior.

We only offer private training for aggression. These are set up in two parts.

  1. An initial consultation and evaluation form that you fill out online for review. This includes reviewing videos of your dog’s action. $250 per dog.
  2. Private lessons scheduled at the facility after reviewing the evaluation form and viewing videos. $60 per half hour

Once the initial consultation is purchased you will receive an email with the evaluation form and instructions.

About Joan Meyer’s Behavior Modification Training: Joan Meyer is a 1987 graduate of the Midwest K9 Training Estates Master Instructor program.  A large part of the program was working with many different breeds of dogs that were given to the school because they were deemed ‘untrainable.’  The curriculum included the opportunity to teach them obedience, obstacle training, and basic manners. Some of them were trained to be personal protection dogs. After training and being able to pass all aspects of the program, these dogs were given another chance for a forever home.

Joan was challenged with two of the worst dogs. Kong, an unsocialized purebred Chow, and Higher, a German shepherd and a 4-time failure of the program that had bitten 2 of its previous handlers.

With Joan’s patience and understanding, both dogs passed their evaluation and were placed into their forever homes. Kong lived out his life with a retired man who loved to take him for walks and grooming him. Higher was placed with a security officer as his personal protection dog. He loved everything about Higher and used her confidence to help with his job to watch over one of the largest warehouse areas in Kansas City.

Joan’s training, experience, compassion, and understanding can help your dog, too.

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