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Our Agility Teammates

Triune Canine Training
Photo by Xanadu Farms

When we consider agility teams, we think of the dog, the handler and often a coach or trainer.  But, if you observe, you’ll see that the team is much larger than that.  Of course, there are fellow agility enthusiasts.  And, there are the friends, partners, and family that show up to classes and trials to cheer us on.  They often willingly pitch in and run the trials without hesitation.  They stand by the ring and video record runs.  They are there as we exit the ring to tell us everything that went right with our runs, especially on our not-so-great days.  And, they are often a calm, quiet, supporting presence sitting in the crating area – happy to be a part of the game and to listen.  Thank you to all of our teammates. It is good to know that when we run, we never run alone.

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Triune’s Very First Agility Grand Champion, Bing!

Triune Canine Training

We could not be more excited to announce Triune’s VERY FIRST AKC Agility Grand Champion (AGCH) team, Larry Dalan and CH AGCH MACH5 Wigglesworth Pride And Prejudice MXS2 PDS MJG2 PJS NAP NJP MFS TQX NFP T2B6 (aka “Bing”)

To reach this title they required:

? 100 qualifying scores in Master Standard & Master Jumpers with Weaves
? 75 Qualifying Scores in Master FAST and Time 2 Beat
? 50 Qualifying Scores each in Premier Standard & Premier Jumpers with Weaves.

That’s 450 qualifying scores total!!

A very impressive honor. Congratulations Team Bing!

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Congratulations to Angela and Visa on Winning the 2015 AKC Agility Invitational!

Triune Canine Training

The AKC Invitational is an annual event that invites the Top 5 agility dogs of each breed to attend. Angela and Visa, as well as nine more of Joan’s students, received an invitation this year.  There are four rounds in the competition.  The top scoring dogs from each jump height compete in a final round.  Angela and Visa made it to finals for the 12 inch jump height and then won the final round!

This win is especially sweet as Visa is the daughter of Joan’s dog, Neil.

Congratulations to Angela and OTCH MACH7 Triune’s Baby’s Gone Shopping UDX3 OM4 VER RAE MXC2 MJC2 MXF T2B (“Visa”)

Angela and Visa will be featured on AKC’s website for the next year.

See their finals winning run, and Joan’s reaction, in the video below.