Meet Angela Evers

Triune Canine Training

Angela has always loved dogs.  She grew up with Collies, Labrador Retrievers, and a Schnauzer.

Angela and her family adopted a collie, a rough, from the Belleville Humane Society in 2001. Meant to be just a great family pet, Andy would open up a whole new world for Angela.  Through Andy, Angela began her journey into dog sports.  Acquiring a second collie, Helen, and third collie, Shane, Angela began showing in conformation.  Finishing her smooth collie, Shane, as a Breed Champion (CH), Angela wanted to try performance. “I really wanted pictures of my dogs doing such fun and cool things.” She began training and showing in Obedience, Rally and Agility in 2005. Angela fell in love with the sport and with training dogs.  She earned titles on all of her collies in all three venues, earning two RAEs (Andy and Shane) UD, PAX (Andy) UDX, AXP, AJP (Shane) and CDX, NAP. NJP (Helen).   Angela also showed her son’s agility dog, Wizard, a Norfolk Terrier, in Obedience as well as Rally (Rally Excellent, (RE), and Companion Dog Excellent, (CDX).

Angela decided that she wanted a sheltie.  Fascinated by the quickness and brightness of the breed, her sheltie Visa came into her life in 2008.  Through Visa, Angela would achieve so many dreams and goals.  Visa earned her OTCH (Obedience Championship) and her first MACH (Master Agility Championship) in 2012.  She earned Rally titles (RAE) and her versatility (VER).  Angela and Visa continue to show in agility.  As a team, they have qualified and attended the AKC National Agility Championship every year since 2013.  Visa and Angela have made it to the Challengers Round twice (Tulsa 2013, Harrisburg 2014) as well as Finals twice (Reno 2015, Perry 2017). Angela and Visa also qualified for and was invited to AKC Agility Invitationals in 2015 and 2016, being in the Top 5 Shelties for those years.   In their first journey to Invitationals in 2015, Angela and Visa won the 12” division, making another dream come true.   As Angela and Visa close in on MACH 11, Angela says “Visa continues to amaze me with her love of any game we play together.”  Yadi, is Angela’s rough collie.  He came into her life in 2014.  An amazing boy, Yadi has earned his Breed Championship (CH) in 2016 and his Master Agility Championship (MACH) in 2017.  Stepping into the obedience ring with him in January 2018, Yadi earned his Companion Dog title (CD) in three shows, with all three placements.   Angela is looking forward to his journey in obedience.  Angela recently added a new addition, Ulysses, a sheltie puppy. At 9 months, Ulysses has earned Novice and Intermediate Trick Dog titles.  Although Angela’s dogs, Andy, Shane, Helen and Wizard, have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they have taught her invaluable lessons.  Her current dogs, Visa, Yadi and Ulysses, continue to teach and shape her training.  “I am grateful for my dogs, past and present, and cherish the relationships with each one.”  As a handler, Angela has exhibited in every jump height in AKC Agility and has shown in Obedience and Rally with both small and large dogs.

“I love to teach.  I love to help people with their dogs, and see the joy in their faces as they learn to understand each other, work together and connect.   It is a true privilege to be able to teach.”